Hey guys, I have a problem with a couple of things, first of all, it's my
gay router. It's called a Pine, and i have no clue how to forward ports or
make anything work with it, ftp servers/web servers, ect. This router might
not be so gay if i knew how to use it. It has Trigger ports and stuff, it's
a pretty different thing.My second Question is can i get file
sharing/printer charing to work with a XP home and a winows 98 Machine?.
There both on the same network on the same group, i allso have a firewall
but it's set up to allow access(i have tried disabling it). My Friend got it
to work before, so my win 98 se computer would see files on my XP machine
and the print is on my 98 computer so everything worked out fine, but know
for some reason i cant get it to work. I was reading on forms and stuff and
they say If you XP machine has NTFS( witch mine does, and allways have) The
98 computer wont be able to read the hard drive of the XP if the dirve is
NTFS, Witch is wried becuase i got it to work before. Also on my 98 computer
i'm running Fat32. I hope this is enough info for you to help me out/give
tips on how to make this work.

Thanks, Reals