We have a LAN with 3 NT4-based servers and apprx. 30 clients (95, 98, 2000,
XP). This monday three of the clients (two XP, one 2000) lost connection to
one of the servers in a strange way: The normal user account cannot
reconnect to a shared folder on the server, message: "Local device already
in use ...". Disconnect and reconnect don't work. Reconnect with a different
letter don't work. And when I Explore Network Neighborhood I can seee the
server, but when I click on it I get the message (translated from
Norwegian): " ... not allowed to use network resource ... ... not
accessible ... ... server service not started ...".

The users are not mapped to the shared folder in a logon script, but through
a connection in Explorer with the Reconnect at logon marked. The problem
started after a failed logon to the server - they tried to connect when they
had hours restriction.

This might not be so strange, but when I log on to one of the client
computers with my (administrative) account I can connect to the same server
without any problem! So this is a user account problem? I've checked sharing
permissions, they seem to be OK. I'm stuck on this, please help.