I have encountered a problem about network logon script.

The logon script is intermittent running on the win98 workstation when user
logon to
network, the script is only for network drive mapping, it is working fine
before I promoted one of the BDC to PDC (The old PDC demoted to BDC) and put
a new BDC to network.

Now I have put back old PDC as a PDC again, run "Replication" on all of the
servers, only the new BDC server can not get synchronization on "NETLOGON"

Every user has a roaming profile on the PDC and working fine.

The problem do not happen on all of workstations and users, only certain
computer and user got this problem, when they logon to network, some time
the logon batch file running window show on the screen, some time only show
up the roaming profile loading windows, once the logon batch file running
window has not show up, user can not get automatic network drive mapping.
But after I tried to log off and log on a few times (Using same user
account), "maybe" I can got logon batch running.

The network environment is:

NT4 PDC and 3 NT4 BDCs.

I can not figure out what's the reason and how to fix it.

Your help will be appreciated.