I have winroute and the error log shows an ip address
from its port 80 hitting my server that serves my remote access for
our remote offices through remote desktops. The error log shows the
port that is being "hit" and it changes from 80 to 135, to 2231,
2255,2308, up the line and then the port no turns into type 8 code 0
and eventually starts over again. I have occasional attempts to access
my server , but this particular ip address shows up constantly in my
logs, and has since major changes to the DNS server were done months

Ive tried using network monitoring tools to see if somehow this entry
was made into our network on one of the nic cards, but this ip does
not show up, and when i try to trace the ip, the trace tool stops at
our network wan gateway.

There was another problem similar to this where a bad DNS entry caused
confusion much like i described above, but ive checked that as best i

Any suggestions???

Don S.
Birmignham , Alabama