I have a class C subnet (192.168.1.x) that has its own domain, which I
will refer to as IMSCORP. It is connected to the primary domain
(FRANKLIN) via a frame relay network. There is really very little on
the IMSCORP PDC other than DHCP Server as well as file and print
services. There was only 10 active users defined on IMSCORP.

Recently my IMSCORP PDC crapped out and I had to rebuild it from
scratch. It took a little time to rebuild trust relationships, etc.
but everything except DHCP is now working fine.

I have NT 4.0 with SP6a installed on the IMSCORP PDC. After rebooting
the PC, I can see in the NT event log EventID 1024, Source DHCPServer
Description: The DHCP Server has initialized and is ready.

In DHCP Manager, I created a scope with the following properties:
Start Address:
End Address:
Subnet Mask:
Exclusion Address Start & End: (empty)
Lease Duration: 3 days

The scope is active. Under "Local Machine" in DHCP Managers, it shows
"[] IMSCORP". When I open the "Active Leases" window, I
see, .54, .55, .58, .59, .60 and .61 in use. They all
show a lease with an expiration date of 9/5. I can ping each with the
-a option and the name returned by the ping matches the name in the
"Active Leases" window.

The only active options that I have set are "003 Router", which I have
set to at both the Scope and Global levels. The only
other non-default setting I have is that I have set the "Conflict
Detection Attempts" value to 1 for the server.

Since I rebuilt the DHCP database brand new and based on the fact that
they have valid IP addresses with future expiration dates, I have to
believe that the DHCP server is assigning addresses to at least some
of the PC's. But I have had numerous machines that could not get a
DHCP address to which I have had to give a static address. Once I
assign the IP address and subnet mask, they work.

Thanks in advance!