"Jim Lambert" wrote in message
> Hi All,
> I am wanting to setup a trust between two domains in separate locations,

> is an NT domain and one will be a W2K domain. They will be connecting to
> each other over a secure VPN tunnel. The NT domain has a domain name that
> is not registered on the internet. The W2K domain hasn't been configured
> yet and I am wondering what I need to do to register my domain name so

> the NT domain can "see" it. I don't want to register a domain with
> Internic since this is just an internal domain. Can I just setup the

> name as "blahblah" and then have the NT server access it using "blahblah?"
> The reason I ask is that in the NT-W2K trust setup it requires you to

> the domain name minus the .com or .net or .whatever. If I can set it up
> as "blahblah", where would I do this?
> I'm ass-u-ming that I can do this without registering a domain name

> I'm on a VPN creating essentially a private network. Would I just need to
> add the domain name to the LMHOSTS file on both sides?
> Any help and direction would be most appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jim

Anyone have any ideas or advice? It would be very appreciated.