In my office we have two seperate NT4 domains running on two seperate
networks with a router between them. Both domains have trusts set up so all
users can access resources on both domains. This is so because originally
one of the domains existed in an other building and when the equipment was
moved over it was seen as easier at the time to do this rather than
consolidate everything, anyway....

I need to get rid of the network leaving only one network in the
building. So, I need to move the servers and workstations from 10.9 into
the other network ( This isn't a problem from an IP point of
view, I'll just assign addresses in the 10.2.. range to the servers and
workstations, but I wonder how it will affect the NT side of things. As
long as I update the WINS servers to reflect the change, will the NT PDC and
BDC just continue as they were with the different IP addresses or is there
more to it?

thanks in advance!