Hello All,

I recently ran L0pht on my network, and found out that, with the
machine accounts, some have passwords, and some don't.

I have been having problems with our NT4 server and recently had to do
a reinstall (Lost all account info, etc. Had to recreate all and
re-enrol NT+ computers).

So those machine accounts without passwords... are they actually part
of the domain? I've had trouble with them and they *seem* to work
somewhat. But I am still getting a mixture of wierd behaviour across
the network.

Another thing - When a machine joins a domain and the account
information for older user profiles have been lost, how do we transfer
the old profile to a new user account? In the profiles dialog, it says
"Account Unknown" and I can't copy it. I tried changing ownership on
all the files and manually copying the files to the user's new profile
path, but on every reboot, all settings are lost. I know it has to do
something with the ntuder.dat file, but what?

Help much appreciated.

Thank You,