Typically, the cable modem holds the connection with the user name and
password. In the setup of the router, you will just choose to obtain
automatically. This should get you connected with the router acting as the
gateway only.

The only other thing you may have to do is clone the MAC address for the
computer the cable was originally setup with since the connection is based
on that particular MAC address. This isn't as common in recent cable
setups, but the older ones tried to stop networking off one connection.

"dryOtto" wrote in message
Hi All,

Just bought a linksys router yesterday, to replace my old linksys router
that crashed.

Win2K setup on a cable modem.

When I hooked everything up, I cannot connect to the internet through the
router. I can ping the router, and my ISP swears that my cable modem is
online. So, it must be a problem with the router/my computer, right?

Been on linksys website for hours, and spent 2 hours on the phone with tech

When I disconnect the router and go straight from cable modem to network
card, I must "obtain an IP address automatically," and voila! internet
connection. So, I do know for a fact that I am online.

Any ideas? I've tried everything that I can think of. My computer is
online right now (duh!), but once I hook up the router, no net.

All the router lights indicate its working, and Ive tried resetting
everything , restarting everything in order, just hope someone has some
advice for me.