i thought the connection should be
modem -> wan port on router, lan port on router -> switch -> computers

and for the router, need to enable the following for vpn to work:
IPSEC pass through
pptp pass through

Remo wrote:
> I put a hole in the wall pounding my head against it after I figured this
> out........
> The router has, besides the normal port connections, an Uplink and WAN
> connection. Since I was connecting to it from the hub, I used the Uplink
> port.
> Well, you only get the NAT function if you connect to the WAN connection!
> Makes perfect sense, after the fact. If I'm just putting it in the network
> somewhere to use as a switch on a LAN I don't want it screwing with the IP
> addresses passed to it. Only if I connect it to the cable modem, the WAN, do
> I want it to do NAT. So if you want NAT, use the WAN port dummy!! (thunk
> thunk thunk, as he bangs his head on the wall again).
> I tripped to it when I unplugged the hub and connected the modem back into
> the same port. I was going to go back to my previous config while I sorted
> this out. When I refreshed the IPs I STILL got a real IP, not a NAT! So then
> I went and RTFM......gee, WAN port huh? Then the head banging started.
> I still have to figure out the VPN problem. Connecting the hub into the WAN
> port on the router doesn't work, the router doesn't recognize it. I'll be
> checking the UDP ports now that the router's working again.
> Thanks for the help.............
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