I am trying to do an DR exercise for my NT 4 Server on IBM Netfinity 5000.
I roughly know the steps to recover the system:

I need to install a fresh copy of windows NT 4 in a new directory say
C:\WINNT2 in the first step. The problem is that I cannot come to this step.
I used the IBM ServerGuide CD to boot up and follow the instruction, it can
only proceed with normal installation which go to the directory C:\WINNT.
After some testing, I heard that I need to press F6 to load the hard disk
controller driver before it starts the installation. Yes, it allowed me to
install the driver AHA290X.../AIC78XX......But, after that it still cannot
find the hard disk controller driver. (I created this driver diskette from
the IBM Netfinity CD). Anyone come across this issue? Thanks for any input.