I am trying to deploy a centralised installation of Windows applications
by installing them to a shared drive that is mapped to a specific
drive letter in a domain login script. This script is set as part
of a group policy for the site.

I now have several problems:

1. Since login scripts do not appear to run as a privileged user,
how can I auto-install registry entries for the software I am
deploying? I find it bizarre that logon scripts should not be
able to run privileged, since they are almost useless unless
they have power to make changes to the system.

2. Using the available administrative tools, how can i modify all
the path of users that login automatically. I have tried to use
the rather poor setx.exe tool from the resource kit, but it can't
append to paths correctly, and long paths seem to cause truncation.

Both of the above appear to me to be fundamental problems that
obviously should be easily addressable, but I am a programmer
rather than Windows admin, and not familiar with these tools.