[Please reply in newsgroup as my email has gone kerfluie]

The disk on our backup domain controller (BDC) died. This machine had the DHCP server running.

We attempted to put the DHCP server on the primary domain controller (PDC) but the clients keep
using AUTO IP as they return "DHCP server unreachable".

The PDC has the DNS server on it as well. That works without a hitch. Is there a problem with
putting the DNS server and the DHCP server on the PDC? The DHCP server scope options have the basic
four options (DNS suffix,WINS, WINS node type 0x8 and the other basic one thst I can't remember
offhand). The PDC is running Windows 2000 server.

The DHCP server is "authorized" and the scope is "active". It is a very simple setup for a private
IP subnet.

Thanks for any help.