First question: Is there a log of which files (and where within the
file) corruption is found during a chkdsk, for my own runs and those ran
before the system is brought up? And, how can I find out where in the
partition a file is physically located, preferably from the command line
(for scripting's sake)?

The reason for my question is, I'm getting intermittent file corruption
on my RAID-0 partition. I'm trying to find out if they damage is
occurring on one drive or both. I know WinXP had a bug which prevented
the drive cache from being flushed in certain situations during
shutdown, when using the longer LBA addressing for larger drives, and I
know that bug was fixed in SP2. However, I wonder if there is a bug in
either XP or my RAID driver that is only flushing the cache of one drive
and not the other (I'm using an integrated SiS 180 SATA controller, with
two 80GB drives with an 8MB buffer on each. The drives are identical).

My only other thought is my rather weak power supply. I have a PS in the
300-350 watt range, but in my computer I have an Athlon64 2000+, 3
7200rpm drives, 2 CD drives, and a GeForce 6600GT (which requires use of
one drive power connector). Could a insufficient power supply cause
these problems? Sometimes, when I start my computer, the display is a
mess of random characters and corruption, and only a power cycle fixes
it (The reset switch doesn't, since the graphics card continues to get
power from the molex connector).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.