We are using Microsoft 2000 Server for one of our applications. It is
basically used for the Data Collection. Custodians were added, and data
is swept from them (where they copy their data into their folders
created on the server)


We run a DOS script to add a User to that particualr area(Folder on the
server) the way we are doing it is....

Add the user to a Local Group

Create a User folder

Revoke the Permissions of the Group (from the folder just created).

Grant Write and Change Permissions to the user (From the folder just

and we repeat the same for all the folders created...

Now the Problem is ...

Some times it is working fine...No one else except the user is able to
open the folder just created. and the Local Group is not shown in the
properties-->Secutity of the folder.

Some times everyone in the Local Group is able to view the user's data
(folder just created) and now Local Group is shown in the
Properties-->Security tab.

We are runnin the same script and sometimes its creating a local group
and sometimes its not...!

I dont get it, why is the Script acting so wierd..!? Please help me
understand any concepts I am missing about creating local groups in
2000 server.

Any Help is greatly appreciated,

Thank you for your Time,