I have a small network of 10 machines of various ages running NT 4sp6
wkstn.being served by nt server 4sp6. I recently got some new LCD
monitors (Dell 1905fp) and they will not work with two of the machines.
The system boots up and says there is a problem with either the display
driver or the monitor and goes into standard VGA mode. I have not been
able to find a consistent likely cause despite having a variety of
machines to play with and would like any suggestions anyone has for
figuring out the issue.

The two machines it won't work with are pIII 900s (Gateway e3400)
running wkstn 4.0. Other P4 (speeds from 1.8 to 2.4) machines running
wkstn 4.0 work fine with the new monitors (if it matters, the pIII
machines have rage fury pro 2000 vidcards, the p4's have nvidia
geforce2 pros) so it isn't the os directly (I set the machines up from
scratch so I know they are quite similar in configuration details).
However, a third pIII machine, bought at the same time and similarly
equipped, IS able to use the monitor without a problem. The only
difference between it and the two that have the problem is that it is
running NT Server.

So, on the one hand, I have matched hardware (pIII) but different OS
(wkstn. vs. server) where it works only in the latter case. This
suggests a software issue. However, on different hardware, the failing
os (wkstn.) works fine.

Any ideas?


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