I m new to this site. I m working on a project where i m
retrieve the hardware information from all the machines of the network.
Now i had configured DCOM on the computer of which i want to retrieve
information. It runs windows 2000, My preferences are
Default Authentication Level: None
Default Impersonation Level: Impersonate
In the WMI Control
Domain Administrators, Administrators all having remote
enabled: True and full control over that machine.

Now i m rebooting the machine and then trying to access from my server
then it raises error like "RPC Server is Unavailable" I checked the log
of WBEM it shows "Core physically Unloaded" in wbemcore.log
and in another log file named winmgmt.log "Core is being shutdown by
winmgmt.exe it returned 0x0"

It was happened with nearly 2-3 machines. So i dont know
what the problem is.
If anybody have idea then plz send me step by step
instruction and solution of the above problem as soon as possible.
Thanx in Advance,
Vipul Parmar