My company is in the final stages of completing a new software package that
I feel is a great Windows Administrators tool. We are looking for
administrators to use it free of charge for the next 30 days. You will be
given a free unlimited user version to test with and when the testing is
over, we will provide you with a fully operational unlimited user version
for 1 year including support. That is a value of well over $5000. Below is
a list of operations the software will provide:

Client Application runs as a service on all workstations.
Client App connects to Server App passing User and Computer information on
Server all displays a list of all Clients in the network and which ones are
Server App has the ability to remotely do the following:
Gather extensive information regarding the user and computer setup
View Software and Hardware installed on client
Run OS Commands remotely and view results
Transfer files to and from client
View Processes and Services running on client (Start and Stop remotely
and ability to kill processes)
View event log and clear event logs remotely
Take and view screenshots of client
Restart, logoff user or shut down client
Register and UnRegister ocx and dll's
Send Messages to one or all clients in network
Start a Chat Session with client
** Complete remote desktop control of client **

** Additionally, the client app has an icon in the taskbar of all clients.
The user can open trouble tickets by right clicking on the icon and select
"Send Trouble Ticket" or "Select Trouble Ticket with Screenshot". That
information is sent to the server all and you can track all of your tickets
and update the status for the clients to see real time.

Currently, this is all working and fully functional. Additional features
are being added for a later release including : Remote Gateway - allows you
to control computers from a remote network. You communicate with gateway
software on that network's server and it relays between you and the clients.
Ability to run multiple servers on a single network - Important if more then
one administrator is going to be using this software.

Please email me [nospam] (Please remote [nospam]
before sending email) if you are interested. I am limiting beta testers to
25 and all 25 will receive support for the product, one year of updates and
additional support.

John Barden
Barden Tech, LLC