Not sure if this is the right place to post. I could not find any actual
IBM Server newsgroup. If there is a better newsroup please advise.

Netfinity 5500
450 MHz
Raid 5
5 18gig drives

Last drive in array died ID 4. For some reason ID 2 went into rebuild mode.

I found an Hitachi 18.2 drive and have installed it.

I can log into Windows 2000 Server and launch RaidServ Manager. There I can
see the new drive and the drive that is rebuilding. The rebuild has been
going for two days now. In the utility I can not find any way to initize
the new drive or tell it to rebuild. I did find help on removing the
defunct drive clicking replace change the drive and click OK. That all
worked and the drive is setting there in ready mode.

Not sure from here how to get the new drive online. The user manual says
you don't have to reboot but the machine seems stuck rebuilding the second
drive in the array.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.