Ok here's the deal:

I bought a new stereo system from philips which can connect to my
computer using a USB cable. I installed the driver for it and it
worked fine but for some reason after a while the driver just
dissapeared altogether from windows.

I couldn't even find a usb device in my device drivers. I went to
update win2k using windows update.

I now have sp4 installed and all the other little security updates
patches and whatnot. When I try to install the driver from the CD I
was given it says that I need to plug in the USB device switch it to
"Usb Link" and need administrator rights to the computer. I plugged
it in and turned it on and it won't let me continue with the install.
The only account created on the computer is Administrator and it logs
into windows automatically at startup every time.
HELP I worked fine before. I could even use the stereo instead of
computer speakers.

Any advice would be helpful. Also the USB prots are not 2.0 its a pIII
Philips Mini Hi-Fi Stereo model # FW-C577/37