Trouble shooting lead me to:
ipconfig /release where I get the following:
All adapters bound to the DHCP do not have DHCP addresses. The
addresses were automatically configured and can not be released.

ipconfig /renew results in the following: The following error occured
when renewing adapter Local Area Connection: an operation was
attempted on something that is not a socket.

I also checked the event viewer where the two releated events were
1. Unable to contact a DHCP server. The Automatic private IP address will be assigned to dial-in clinents. Clients may be
unable to access resources oon the network.
2. Your computer was unable to automatically configure the IP
parameters for the network card with the network address 000000000000.
The following error occured during configuration: the requested
service provider could not be loaded or initialized.

I'm using a Win95 that was upgraded to 2K. I had another DSL modem
connected previously through a USB connection. This is the first time
I have used the network card. I had a personal firewall installed
when I was using DSL before but I deleted it when I thought it might
be causing problems with this connection.

Any ideas on possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.