I have Windows2000 Professional on my system. The C: drive is about 10GB.
I gave that much room so I would not run out of space. There are some
suites that have been installed that take up some disk space. For example,
I have OfficeXP, Lotus Office, Visio etc. There are a couple more that are
as big as Visio which I hardly use.

Apart from these heavy duty apps, I have a few smaller applications such as
Webshots, ICQ, FTP client, Media applications etc.

Now, the disk space that is occupied is about 5.52 GB. :-( What is taking
up this disk space? I have deleted some applications like OpenOffice,
Lotus Notes etc. Yet it is only making a small dent when it is reclaiming
the disk space. All the applications data is being stored on D: or E:

The only other thing left is Windows updates. I do very frequently do
Windows updates. Are these Windows update files being saved on the disk
after they have been applied? If yes, where would they be located?
Where and what should I look for, to reclaim junk file space?

Thank you in advance for any help.