Hi 2 all!
On a NT4 SP6a computer, IE5.5 has been installed.
Everything works great, but I don't find the QuickLaunch Bar utility,
which is usually available within a right-click at TaskBar.
Here, there is no QuickLaunch at all, and no "Tools Bar option",
not even greyed.
Usually, within my numerous workstations, to avoid that
problem (bug?), we first install IE4, then reboot and finally
install IE5.5 or IE6.0 over IE4, so the QuickLaunch Bar utility
becomes available to users.
Without first IE4, it seems that QuickLaunch Bar utility is hidden
or deeply unavailable ;-(
Of course, it's impossible to install IE4 items over
IE5.5 or IE6 ; and desinstalling IE5.5 or IE6 is quite tricky!
Does anyone has a great idea to solve that QuickLaunch problem?
Thanx U 2 answer me (and apologies for xposting) !
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[Thierry, tlondon@free.fr]