Hello to all,

I've a Windows NT4 workstation with SP6 and IE6 installed.
Since a few days the Dailup-Monitor don't appear to all users.
I'am used to see it in the taskbar beside the watch on the right side.
When i open the IE the Dailout-Login-Box appears where i can choose how to
dail in, but when i close the IE later
i'am used to be asked if i want to keep the internet-connection. This question don't
appear anymore.

Is there somebody that knows how to fix it and that can give me advises or
ideas what to do?
I've a binary Copy of that system made as it was working like it should. Maybe by export registry entries and import in the new system i can repair it, but i don't
know where to start. Where are informations about the Dailout-network for
Windows Nt 4.0?

You can answer also in german if it is more easy for you.

reguards and thank you for helping me