I create a simple task scheduler test by creating a task for
Give everyone access to this and have the Administrator as the owner.

The task should launch at 3:00 pm (not 2:55 pm)....logoff as Admin adn
logon as me (regular power user)...advance the clock to 2:59 pm ...3
pm comes and goes nothing......

Applied SP3 and try again after reboot....nothing

HOWEVER: am able to create task as Admin when logged in as
Administrator and it will work provided I don't logoff..once i logoff
and login as someone else..it don't work......can see the task
sceduler running but doesn't launch calculator.

Any HELP would be appreciated......



Objective: Need to run a vb exe fully automated at a time set in a ini
I could have the program constantly running using timer control but
that's just silly....hopefully the schedule task will run