I look after the network for a (very) small company. Two of our staff
dial into the server on a daily basis for purpose of replicating with
Lotus Notes. However the remote access admin system has become
extremely unstable and crashes at least every 48 hours. It requires a
full (hard) reboot of the NT server each time this happens, causing
considerable disruption to the operating of the office.

The symptoms are basically this:

User dials in, everything is fine. Logs out. However on the server
it still shows that the port is in use. If you click on any options,
without exception, on the remote access admin window it does nothing
and after a few minutes if you check the task manager it will show as
"not responding". If you re-open the RAA window again it is now grey
and displays as "working" but it is not working and clicking on any
feature produces no response - and a few minutes later the system
indicates it is not responding again. Once this has happened the
whole server will no longer shut down and has to have a hard reboot.

We are running NT-SP6.

Any help appreciated.