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Limey Drink wrote:
>Thanks very much for the help guys I now know how to connect using python
>ftp library and I am happy with this but...
>Just wondering about the bigger picture with regards to sys admin scripts,
>in your opinion, is creating these type of system administration scripts
>preferable/easier than using say bash scripts, or DOS .bat scripts ?
>Because I don't have alot of experience of sys admin and shell scripting I'm
>just wondering if I am applying Python for one of its intended uses doing
>these type of scripts.
>IMHO i would rather learn and stick with Python than to learn all the
>different scripting languages as it is cleaner and more powerful and also if
>the script is written correctly it seems could be cross platform.
>Just wondering if you think I should be trying to execute the in built OS
>programs such as FTP etc. calling them from python or should I be using the
>libraries that come with Python such as FTPlib and say if I wanted to send
>email should I be using the SMTP lib rather than say executing the mail
>program in unix and passing arguments from a Python script.
>It would hear interesting to hear your views on this as it would be nice if
>I can gain from others experience and not make the same mistakes.