I inherited a out of control file sharing server.
Our company has used share drives for its employees for +10 years
without any maintenance. As a result we have sharing areas with 25.000
folders! (.6 TB)
need to clean that a bit...
Created an archive area on same partition to which I would like to
move files and folders older then. Archive area will then be read only
and will retain the files for x period after which I hope to move
content to tape.

Thought this would not be an uncommon problem, but have not been able
to find / create a script that would do this efficiently.

Prefer not to do a copy and delete rather do move and just adjust
pointers, which I thionk should be posible if I have archive location
on same partision.
Note also that my main concern is not disk space but the "items"
listed in the sharing areas. -> not intrested in leaving a marker for
each file that points to the archived location.

Do you have any suggestions , or can you guide me to some articles ?

regards Bart