Hello. Our old Compaq Prosignia 740 lost both (mirrored) drives. O/S
was Small Business Server 4.5 (NT4 SP4) running Exchange 5.5 SP2, back
up software was BackupExec 7.3 for Small Business Server. I rebuilt
the server, reinstalled the O/S and apps, then tried to Catalog one of
the DAT (DDS3) tapes. After approx. 90 seconds, the Restore Job
invokes an Event ID: 4097 error - "The application, exe\bengine.dbg,
generated an application error." Checked Administrator's User Rights
and Group memberships - added Backup Operator just in case.
I understand that this version of BkuExec uses the Administrator
account to read Files and Directories. Is this incorrect? ...or is
this being caused by a different issue?
Thanks in advance,

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