I am looking for a tool that will output the CPU utilization of
processes, much like top under Unix or Task Manager->Processes when
sorted by CPU. The top tool that comes with the Win2k RK will not just
spit out a one-time view of processes. Rather, it will contiually

My goal is to show which processes are using large amounts of CPU
resources at any given time. I need this tool to be able to run via a
Windows shell script, and the output to be stored in a file. Unless I
am mistaken this cannot be done using top.exe in the RK. If I am wrong
then please correct me!

I have used pslist from sysinternals.com, but pslist gives total CPU
time rather than current utilization.

Any leads?

P.S. I did some scanning of the newsgroup archives, but didn't see an
answer. Again, if I'm wrong then correct me, and point me to the right