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> I would like to learn batch programming.

> I am looking for ... a good reference

> I'm going for knowledge.


One of the primary skills for a Windows System Admin
is the ability to write reliable and maintainable
shell scripts (aka batch files).

Here are some valuable FREE and "Almost Free"
resources to assist you.

#1 - Write your scripts using Mount/\Commands

..Mount/\Commands are extensions to the "builtin"
commands and utilities that are present on
ALL INSTALLATIONS of all NT-based operating
systems including Windows NT4 SP6a, 2000,
XP and Server 2003.

They are constructed entirely of builtin commands
common to all four platforms (NT/2K/XP/K3).
There is NO BINARY CODE, only scripting commands!

..Mount/\Commands are specifically designed for
use in shell scripts and are coded for
Compatibility, Clarity and Speed.

Compatibility means that ALL M/\Cs perform
CONSISTENTLY across NT/2K/XP/K3. When the
command is created, those aggravating special
cases (the source of much Fuming) are masked
within the M/\C code so a CONSISTENT RESULT is

Clarity means that scripting code written
using MountCommands can be easily understood
and maintained, even by those without
extensive scripting experience.

Speed means that all available methods are
employed to enhance the performance of each
command, including preloading the code so
NO DISK ACCESS is needed to invoke it!

The complete Mount/\Command Set contains over 200
of these powerful commands. For more information,
see (http://MountCommands.com).

#2 - Learn structured scripting techniques.

Our Free KnowledgeLetter, "BoomingOrFuming?" provides
valuable knowledge regarding the creation and maintenance
of reliable cross-platform shell scripts. This includes
Pattern Scripts to help you create your own custom
Mount/\Commands to add to the Standard Set.

You can peruse the first seven issues at

#3 - Get the FREE Advanced NT/2K/XP Command Library (ntlib.cmd)

ntlib.cmd provides over 50 sample Mount/\Commands
to assist with writing and documenting shell scripts.
To get your FREE copy, go to (http://ntlib.com).

You will also want to take a look at TheGuardBook,
Online Reference for Cross-Platform Shell Scripting at

All the commands internal to cmd.exe are documented
here in "Mounted Help" pages. This includes a color-keyed
page highlighting the differences between all
internal commands in NT/2K/XP/K3. The "Common Help"
from each OS's help screen is also available for comparison.


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