"Clayton" wrote in message
> I'm not new to NT but I'm definitely undertrained in it. I get

> Monitor server log files from my boss and I'm supposed to load them into

> open a chart file (.pmc) file for that server, and then export the data to

> spreadsheet. It's pretty straightforward but more than half the time PM
> crashes with a Dr. Watson error when I'm loading the .pmc file. I end up
> opening a second
> instance of PM, loading the .pmc file into that, and adding the monitors
> manually into the first PM with the log file.
> Can anyone help me figure out why PM crashes and how to avoid it in the
> future? Thanks.
> Clayton
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Well, you asked... get what you pay for...

M$ PM in and of itself, is a performance hog:
part of the problem, not part of the solution. ;^)>

Virtual file space issues? Fragmentation? Memory?
Are ALL Security & Functionality Patches current?

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