I'm using IE6SP1 on Win2k sp3. When using it on the Administrator
account everything is fine, but once I log into a power user account I
set up, I get a problem using IE with Pogo.com. The problem seems to be
specific to the doubleclick ads that are shown using IFRAME. IE 6 hangs
while trying to dowload the ads. I have a Bluelight ISP account and when
the you log in, a Bluelight home page window pops up. IE won't display
the page and just hangs.

To remedy this I uninstalled IE 6 and went back to 5.0 sp3. Now I tried
the above with IE 5. I had the same problems again, but IE 5 decided not
to wait around and hang like IE 6 did and just dispayed 'action
cancelled' pages and went on its merry way loading the rest of the pages
on Pogo, and not displaying any of the Bluelight home page.

Bottom line is neither browser liked dispaying the doubleclick ads in
IFRAME nor the Bluelight home page while using a non-admin account.

What is going on and what am I doing wrong?

BTW: I reinstalled IE 6 and got the same result.


Pat - pat(underscore)blank(at)hotmail(dot)com