I'm having an intermittent problem with a file server locking up when
executing the UltraCopy utility (UtraBac software. ver 8.). The copy
utility copies files from a directory on Buffalo Tarastation which
contains UltraBac backup files from a separate server on the network.
In other words, the files that are being copied to tape are backup
files from a different server on the network. The Procedures I use
for executing the UltraCopy utility are shown below. If the program
crashes, it will always occur at the last step in the process when the
files are actually being copied to the tape and it can happen at
anytime during that process.

Hardware/Software Environment:

OS: Windows 2003 32 bit with Service Pack 2

TAPE DRIVE: HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960 Ext Tape Drive.
DRIVER: hplto.sys, File Version

DRIVER: SCSI ADAPTER: LSI Logic PCI-X Ultra320 SCSI Host Adapter
SCSI ADAPTER DRIVER sysmmpi.sys, File Version

BACKUP SOFTWARE: UltraBac Version 8.1

When the Process Fails:
The first sign that the program is crashing is the green light on the
tape-drive stops blinking before the copying process has completed.
After about ten seconds the server does not respond to the mouse and
keyboard. After mumbling several expletives, I reboot the server and
try again. When the utility fails, it usually requires several
attempt of performing all of the steps shown below before the process
finally succeeds.

Procedures for Executing
UltraCopy Utility
1. Start up the UltraBac Management Console

2. Insert the tape in the tape-drive

3. Click on the UltraBac Tools menu option

4. From the Tools menu click on the Storage Media menu option

4.1. From the Storage Media menu, click on the Erase menu option. A
dialog box is displayed with the message "Unexpired UltraBac Media
in drive. Do you wish to ERASE this media and prepare it for
UltraBac?" I click on the Yes button.

4.2 From the Storage Media menu click on the Prepare menu option. A
dialog box comes up with a message "Foreign media in tape drive. Do
you want to format it for UltraBac?". I click the Yes button.

5. From the Storage Media menu, click on the UltraCopy menu option.

5.1 An input dialog wizard is displayed that asks for the source
media, target media and options. Point to the source media drive
letter mapped to the directory on the Buffalo TaraStation that
contains the backup files from the previous night's backup. Click on
the Next button. Point to the target media Tape-Drive. Click on the
Next button. Check the verify copy checkbox. Click on the Next
button. The UltraCopy Progress dialog box is then displayed and a
green light on the tape drive begins blinking.

Note: When things are going well the average throughput is around
2500.0 MB per minute. When things aren't going so well, i.e. the
server has locked up requiring a reboot, the throughput is usually
much less.