I have an XDA Stellar and an XDA ORbit 2. Both have the same problem
as did the previous XDA Stellar. I have set some mp3 files for the
various ringtones (incoming call, sms, voicemail, etc.) and they just
won't shut up. I can receive a message, read it, reply to it, delete
it and the ringtone still lhasn't stopped ringing. This is incedibly
annoying and often very inconvenient. The incoming call one stops fine
when I answer and the reminder one (and any others that already happen
to be playing at the same time) when I dismiss it. But the SMS, missed
call and voicemail tones don't stop until the tracks finish and I have
on a number of occasions had three songs playing simultaneously.
Please can someone tell me how to make the ring tones stop when I
press a button. TIA.

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