on Windows CE .NET 5.0 I've a problem with my evc4 application. This
application is bundled with two icons, resource IDs 101 and 102, both
icons have 16x16x256 colors and 32x32x256 colors formats. Since this
application is simple Lua interpreter I would like to associate .lua
script files with this application(this works), but I'm not able to
set DefaultIcon for this associatoin. I've tried both index based and
resource ID based approaches but none of them seems to work. For
example, by index based I mean 'application.exe,1' and by ID based i
mean 'application.exe,-102'. I've also tried to use different 'random'
numbers, but nothing seems to work. Only working association seems to
be 'application.exe,0' (index based). The second icon is bundled in
application.exe for sure, I've checked this on Windows XP and the
application.exe has two icons as expected.

I have no idea what should be wrong. Maybe it's some bug? Some help,
hints would be helpful. Thanks.

-- ynezz