Hi ,

I face a problem while adding PMKID support to my WinCE5.0

PMKID caching is done in driver using OID_802_11_PMKID.
When we roam between 2 Access Points with same SSID, idea of PMKID
caching is to cache the PMKID in the driver and use the same for
association without any requests for RADIUS SERVER during roaming back
to same AP.

I am able to cache PMKID, but problem is how does the supplicant (ZERO
CONFIG UTILITY) gets to know the PMKID to be used during roaming?

i guess ,it is by querying to driver for a list of PMKID Candidate
list.after which it will extract PMKID for specific BSSID with which
it wants to associate.

This operation is not happening in my driver.

I have few concerns to be clarified

1)Are my above assumptions correct regarrding PMKID Caching

2) What is the correct sequence for PMKID caching( specifically to
query for PMKID from driver by supplicant(ZERO CONFIG UTILITY) )

3) Any additional OID calls i need to make other than mentioned in
MSDN help.

Thanks in advance...