Hello everyone,
I have some problem when runnig my application on WinCE 5.0 (Athena
I have one application which is having a simple window.
This window is having System Menu (Minimize,Maximize,Close buttons).
Now my problem is with Minimize and Maximize state of window.......
Say when i minimize my window using minimize button it works
properly(as i Trap WM_ACTIVATE message which is having WA_ACTIVE &
but when i again click on taskbar button of that window to restore
it(to activate the window) it doesnt work i mean it doesnt work as a
local app works on CE device..
On WinCE device there are no minimize and maximize buttons in Sysmenu
(for Local Apps)but have only close button.
so we have only task bar button to minimize and again restore it..
but my application doesnt work the same way..
may be I need some way to tell taskbar that now window is minimize so
the taskbar button should be in OFF state(butto is not pressed)
and when i again click on that button to restore it it should be in ON
But i dont know how to set taskbar state.
if anyone can help me....