Windows CE 5.0 (Not PocketPC or Mobile version)

When requesting the SIP to be displayed, either automatically using the
WC_SIPPREF control as the last control in a dialog box or calling
SHSipPreference(hwnd, SIP_UP), when a control is selected, there is a
fairly long delay from the time the control receives the focus and the
display of the SIP.

Has anyone found a way of controlling this delay? I can't find
anything in the Platform Builder documentation addressing this issue.
It appears the delay is to prevent the SIP from being 'thrashed' up and
down if the user quickly moves between controls that use/don't use the

As a work around, after call SHSipPreference(), I can get an immediate
display of the SIP by calling SipShow(SIPF_ON). The problem is that
this won;t work when using the WC_SIPPREF control.