[Sorry for the cross-post; just trying to get this answered somehow]

Our scenario is that we basically have a network of communicating
Any one of these devices can, at any time later, have a host attach,
"attaching" a host involves connecting USB to the device such that the
RNDIS virtual adapters appear on both the host and device, as expected.
We use ICS and NAT to allow the host to communicate with the device

Through much trial, I have found that this all works if we 'hardcode'
the IP address for the
static mapping thusly:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\ConnectionSharing\Servers\ Service]
"InternalName"="" ; or something thereabouts
"InternalPort"=dword:xxx ;
"Port"=dword:xxx ;
"Protocol"="UDP" ; or "TCP"

1/ Why does this work for the (incorrect) entry 'Service'?
If I change this to something else, it does not seem to work

2/ (The real question here...)
Is there a way to allow the "InternalName" entry to be added
dynamically, since the host can really be attached to any of the
devices, and we would like to be able to therefore assign this value
dynamically, at run time.

Let me know if anyone who understands what I am asking here needs any
further info.

Thanks in advance,