Hi all

I cretaed a Soft phone in the Win32 which on the desktop running
perfectly fine. And now i want to run this in WinCE 5.0 .
I created a platform (which is not IP phone its just mobile handed) in
platform builder and than pasted my code, some how by including all
files/lib i am able to compile it.

But when i run the code its crash in the cocreateinstance code as its
says "dll is not regiestered"

IID_IRTCClient/* __uuidof(IRTCClient2)*/, reinterpret_cast

& pCR->m_pClient is return to null

I tried to load library functions also in the code to load
"rtcclient.dll" but its also not loading the .dll .!

WCHAR File[] =
L"C:\\WINCE500\\PBWorkspaces\\PCRing\\RelDir\\Emulat or_x86_Release\\rtcclie**nt.dll";

HMODULE hInstLib = LoadLibraryW(File);
if(hInstLib != NULL)
HRESULT (__stdcall *lpfnDllRegisterServer)();

lpfnDllRegisterServer = (HRESULT
(__stdcall*)())GetProcAddress(hInstLib, L"DllRegisterServer");

if (lpfnDllRegisterServer != NULL)
res = lpfnDllRegisterServer();

and returning hInstLib as NULL..!

Can any one pleasssss tell me whats wrong in this whole scenario. :-(
how to regiester the RTC in WinCE.

please do reply :-(