We are working on the SBC-GX533 board with Windows CE 5.0 installed on
it. We are trying to program the audio output using the waveform audio
functions (waveOutOpen, waveOutWrite, etc.). The problem that we are
having is determining the proper values of the WAVEFORMATEX structure
for the on-board sound card. We have tried 'nChannels' with value 1 and
2, 'nBlockAlign' with values 1 and 2, and 'wBitsPerSample' with values
8 and 16 with no luck (the sound card did generate output but the waves
were chaotic).

We have also verified that the buffer containing the audio data that is
passed to the audio functions contains data describing the desired sine
wave. Our goal is to generate output with specific frequencies with
sample rate of 44100. Its important to note that this program does work
on the standard Windows XP PC.

Your contributions are most appreciated.

Thank you.