I have a couple of queries.

1. I want to write a winCE application to do the following on my PDA:

When a file on the PDA is deleted, I want to copy the deleted file to
some other folder( similar to a recycle bin) and not delete it
immediately. Then I should be able to delete it from my recycle bin.
Is there any way for me to catch the 'delete' action and wait on this
"delete event" and do the file copying operation to the folder of my

2. Is there any way for me to capture SD card insertion event? I am
aware of the autorun feature using folder 2577 and autorun.exe on the
ARM PDA's. But I want to be able to programatically capture this event
without having to depend on the fact that the SDCARD being inserted may
/ may not have the autorun.exe file on it.
Is this possible?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.