Hello All,
I am writing a client application whose job is to enumerate all priters

from client machines and send it to server. Server creates all these
printers on its side. For Windows Client, I use EnumPrinters which
gives me number of printers and Printer information ( Refer structure:
PRINTER_INFO_2), But on WinCE client, I can't use EnumPrinters function

as it does not support it as far as my knowledge. So some question
arises here are

1: HOw can I enumerte printers on WinCE client ? I could use registry (

HKLM\Printers ) to enumerate all printers, Values of each printer does
not give me all properties which I want. It provides only
"Defaul Model" REG_SZ "Epson Stylus"
Paper Size REG_SZ Letter
Orientation REG_SZ Portrait
Driver REG_SZ epson.dll
High Quality REG_SZ 360
Draft Quality REG_SZ 180
Color REG_SZ Monochrome
But I am interested in more ( Processor, DataType, IsDefaultPrinter,
IsNetworkPrinter, Comment. So what should I do now to get all these
things ?

2: Is ther any other way to enumerate printers in WinCE device ?