Zazu Networks is a US based wireless startup headquartered in
Sunnyvale, California having a R & D and Engineering office in
Bangalore. We are an Authorized Design Center of Atheros Communications

Zazu Networks is a developer of bleeding edge technology using Atheros
based WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n) chipsets addressing the whole market
spectrum which include Mobile Handset Manufacturers, Networking
Equipment Manufacturers, Automobile Companies and Consumer Electronics.

We have alliances with Intel Communication Alliance and OMAP Texas
Instruments Technology Developer Network. We also work in collaboration
with educational institutes like IIT Kanpur to develop innovative
802.11 based technology.

Nature of work:
Now let me give you an insight into the work we are doing at Zazu.
Here,we work on different Operating Systems and different Hardware

Operating Systems:

1) Windows CE
2) Linux
3) VxWorks
4) QNX etc in the pipeline

Hardware Platforms

1) Mips (Atheros APs)
2) X86
3) Xscale
4) Lots more in the pipeline

We work with different Bus Interfaces.

2) CF
4) USB
5) AHB (Amba Hardware Bus for SoCs)
6) PCI Express

Work involved is writing protocol stacks, device drivers for any of the
above combinations. The protocol stacks would be for all the upcoming
802.11 based standards (802.11s, 802.11p, 802.11n etc) as well as the
legacy 802.11 standard.

To make all this happen, we are looking for candidates who are self
starters, motivated and passionate about technology.

The job openings are listed below: