I am using Windows CE 5.0 Platform Builder and am trying to build an OS
image for an Advantech PCM-3350F PC/104 Copmuter using an AMD Geode GX1
CPU. The PCM-3350F uses a compact flash card to read the OS image into
memory. I know that I have successfully installed my bootloader since
I can see a status bar loading, but after it is finished, I see
nothing. I'm not sure if this is a display driver problem or if it
something else. Unfortunately, I don't have a serial connection and I
can't get the ethernet to work on this board, so I can't download the
OS image remotely or debug in any way that I know of. Here are a the
steps that I took to load the image on the CF card. Could someone
point out if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks a lot.

1. Build OS image in Platform Builder for AMD Geode BSP.
2. Use setupdisk.144 to create boot disk.
3. Modify READ_BUFFER_LENGTH_MAX constant in fat.h to 0x3000.
4. Rebuild BLDR.
5. Copy new BLDR to setupdisk.
6. Reboot using setup disk.
7. Use FDISK to make a FAT16 partition of 128MB.
8. Format new partition.
9. Use mkdisk c: to load boot loader.
10. Modify boot.ini to BinFile=nk.bin on dev workstation.
11. Load nk.bin on CF using CF reader/writer on dev workstation.
12. Boot using CF on target device.