I just want to know how to directly read/write sectors in Windows CE.
I want to put my Windows CE in a flash and have direct access to my
Hard Disk : I don't want FileSystems stuff, I don't want files, I just
want to directly read and write sectors.
So how to do this ?
What function of the Win CE subset of the Win32 API must I used ?
Visual C++ example would be a very great idea.

What part of the documentation should I read ?
I have read the manual, do "search sector" and find some interesting
stuff (diskio.h, struct SECTOR_LIST_ENTRY, IOCTL_DISK_READ,
IOCTL_DISK_WRITE). However there is nearly no code in the
documentation. I want to know how to do such things in practical terms.

Good references would be fine too.

Thanks in advance.