Hello all,
I am developing BSP for PXA255 board (wince 4.2). Board is still
under development and presently it contains LCD display with touch
screen, serial and USB(device controller) interface.
I have already written bootloader for downloading image via serial
and usb. Also the drivers for serial, usb, display are completed.
Everything working fine. Presently I am developing the touch screen
driver and here I am having trouble.
Its a native driver loaded by gwes (same as the sample provided in
XSC1BD with minor pin changes). When I touch, I get interrupts, mdd
calls my routine to get the coordinates which are coming correctly. I
can see that mdd after getting points, is calling the callback provided
by gwes. But after that nothing happens. The cursor is not moving and
no click action is happening when I touch. I have checked all the
registry entries and driver code is the standard one (XSC1BD).
If I call mouse_event() with the points, the cursor movement
happens. But since mine is native driver, gwes should take care of that
which it is not doing.
Why? I tried with various configurations (pda, browser, custom) but in
vain. I dont think I am missing any components.
I have tried with all my ideas but with no result. I am eagerly
waiting for somebody to throw light on it.

Aniketa K S