I have a bluetooth enabled IPAQ h2200 and a bluetooth enabled Nokia
6230 phone.

When I attempt to use to the pairing function (launched from Bluetooth
menu in WinCE) I get to the point where it asks for a passkey and after
entering the key on the pda and the phone I receive an error on the
phone "pairing and conn. rejected for security reasons".

The PDA seems oblivious to this and finishes the pairing wizard, giving
me spiffy icons for file transfer, etc.

However, any attempt to use these functions returns me to the passkey
screen. If I enter the passkey I receive a simple "pairing failed"
error on the phone.

What I can do:
Send Contacts and calender objects via bluetooth
I can see both devices in their respective "find other devices" menus

What I can not do:
Can not use any of the functions created by the pairing wizard in WinCE
(ie. COM1, Nokia PC suite, Dial-up networking, OBEX File transfer)
I can not use the "Dial via bluetooh" option in Contacts.

Has anyone else dealt with this issue before? I would really like to
take full advantages on the devices working together. Please advise.

David A. Smith