My girlfriend has the following problem with her HP Jornada 820:

"I was adding some comments and suddenly the program closed (I guess it
crashed without an error message?) and it appears I lost all my
changes. I don't suppose you have a utility that'll dump all RAM?
Some of that data might yet remain in there somewhere."

There is a HP backup utility in the menu (programs>HP Apps>HP Backup)
that is supposed to save your data to a file on flash media. It's vague
about exactly what it does - I don't know if it does an actual memory
dump or just copies 'saved' files.

OS is Win CE 3.0, Core system version 2.11. The device has 32 megs of
RAM. She was using Pocket Word at the time of the crash.

Is it possible that her changes are still in memory? Is there any
utility that can read, search or dump a Jornada's RAM, preferably from
a desktop machine (perhaps working via Activesync)? Any advice will be
much appreciated!